david bithell
experimental music theater

  encapsulating   (2010)
   real-time video and audio environment
   for choreography by ellie leonhardt

performance at the Merrill Ellis Intermedia Theater - February 22, 2010

premiere at the Dallas Museum of Art - January 31, 2010
description:   encapsulating is an interactive work of video and audio composed specifically to accompany choreography by Ellie Leonhardt.  We were interested in creating a work that uses technology to convey a multiplicity of perspectives as welll as a sense of containement, resistance, and escape.  The video uses a camera on the live dancer as input to a series of visual columns and is controlled by audio cues as well as automated through algorithmic processes.  The sound world is created by the live electronic manipulation of a Javanese gender (a 14-key bronze percussion instrument).
  • Centerpieces - Merrill Ellis Intermedia Theater - University of North Texas - Denton, TX - February 22, 2010
  • Ellie Leonhardt Dance @ the DMA - Dallas Museum of Art - Dallas, TX - January 31, 2010 (premiere)
duration: 5 minutes