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Caught Catching (2010 / 2011) caught.catching is an interactive environment for solo dancer, video, and sound created by David Bithell (composer and video artist) and Ellie Leonhardt (choreographer and dancer). The meditative soundscape and visual imagery (still photos of the dancer “caught” and filtered video of hypnotic rainfall) switch their behavior in response to the movement choices of the performer. It was premiered September 2010 at a works-in-progress showing at Dance New Amsterdam, NYC. The first video at right is a performance from the 2010 Texas Dance Improvisation Festival at the Barnevelder Movement/Arts Complex in Houston, TX. At present we are developing a 3-channel interactive installation version of the same piece (the last video is a mockup of this). In this form, audience members are able to trigger each of the three screens to change their behavior state based upon their movement through the gallery space. duration: 6 minutes (performance) / continuous (installation)